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Liz Couch

Liz Couch, Guide for ARTA River TripsLiz likes to take advantage of her surroundings. Growing up, in the ag town of Hilmar, California, surrounded by cows and cowboys, she learned to ride horses, throw a lariat and bust mutton. Then as a teenager, on family vacations in the mountains, she learned to hike, ski, backpack and appreciate the wilderness. In college, at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, she learned how to study, cram, analyze and dissect and soon she'll earn a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology. For the past four summers she has worked for us, surrounded by college boys, and she's learned how to tolerate immature humor and to pretend to be interested in "listen-to-what-we-just-did" stories. Someday she'll put all of this education towards making a worthy contribution to mankind; we're glad we could help.

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