Dressing for on the river is really simple

Even a kid can do it.

For Wonder Women:

What to wear on the river if you are a wonder woman


1. “One word: layers. In Idaho, I might start the day with three layers, be down to two by lunch, then up to four by the time we get to camp. That base layer gets a lot of use; I usually bring three options.”

2. “I don’t go on a trip without my rain shell. I don’t care if it hasn’t rained all summer; you never know.”

3. “My sarong allows me to easily change clothes in the middle of the day.”

4.  “The best thing about river attire is that no one cares if it clashes. The more bright colors and crazy patterns the better.”

5. “Every Christmas I ask all my relatives for a sun hoody. No problem if I get more than one because I wear them OUT!”

6. “Wool beanie. Every trip.”

For Super Men:

What to wear on the river if you are a superman


1. “I’ve got a nice, thick, fleece pullover that I bring on every trip; it is like my insurance policy against getting cold.”

2. “I like long shorts. (I mean, ones that cover the tops of my legs; ideally the tops of my knees. Or even capris. In Australia they call them short longs.)”

3. “I wear my synthetic sun hoody a lot. I don’t think half the crew would recognize me in something else – by sight or by smell.”

4. “I wear my board shorts every day – and every night, for that matter. First thing on in the morning, last thing off at the end of the day.”

5. “The only thing I would turn around and go back to the warehouse for is my sunglasses. And my hat. And my pfd.”

6. “I only wear my cape on special occasions.”