Makayla Hoyt, river guide for ARTA River Trips

Makayla’s favorite thing to do while she was growing up (and her parents were guiding for us) was to jump off of a stack of inflated rafts at the warehouse or to jump off of rocks into the river or to jump on the backs of unsuspecting guides. So allow us to take a little bit of credit for her volleyball scholarship to Southern Oregon University. And while we’re at it, maybe growing up on the river with us contributed to her decision to earn a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. And perhaps being raised in the company of a bunch of unfiltered 20-somethings and seeing her mom institute a swear jar at the guidehouse led her to add a minor in Criminal and Social Justice. And certainly observing the itinerant lifestyle of seasonal employment inspired her to dream of traveling around the world going to outdoor music festivals.

In fact, if it weren’t for us… nah, we know. All we did was blow up the rafts.

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