The Sirens enchant all who come near

They sit beside the river, singing to passing sailors. Anyone who hears their song is bewitched by its sweetness, drawn to the music like iron to a magnet.

Those who hear the Siren’s song will never be the same.

ARTA is thrilled to announce a unique musical collaboration. Laurie Shook, Erin Chapin, and Anna Moss, the enchanting ‘Sirens on the River,’ will join voices and forces for an irresistible journey down the majestic Tuolumne River. This musical expedition begins just outside Yosemite and is limited to only 17 participants.

This three-day, two-night trip showcases some of the state’s best whitewater along with the world’s sweetest voices. The only things you need to bring is yourself (and perhaps a toothbrush). Camping gear and food are provided.  After thrilling days of whitewater rafting, hiking, and swimming, we set up camp. And for two nights, under the stars and by the river, The Sirens will harmonize. Singing their captivating songs to the fortunate listeners.

More information on our Tuolumne River trips can be found HERE.

The Sirens’ Call

Tuolumne River – CA
3 days – 2 nights
August 19 -21, 2024

$1,500 per person

Ever wonder what a music trip is like? Well you’re in luck. We just so happen to have a video about river trips with musical guests!