What a blast, what a deal!

ARTA’s Streamline Cooperative Trips are designed to provide low-cost, participation oriented, river centered experiences for groups who wish to take a more active role in their trip (and save some money). Very popular with school, church, and Boy and Girl Scout troops, we have also had sports teams, book clubs, and yoga groups put trips together.

Trips are run on a charter-only basis with the chartering group planning, purchasing, and preparing their own food, and assisting in trip organization and logistics. Trips are priced on a per raft basis and the price can be as low as $64 per person for a full day on the river. Click here for prices. Your involvement and initiative are emphasized and encouraged throughout the trip. As a result, these trips are educational and unifying experiences for groups of all ages and have a unique and energetic spirit which provides great moments and lifelong memories.

Our standard Streamline Cooperative Trip is a one-day trip on the South Fork of the American. If you want to include two days of rafting, reserve back-to-back 1 day trips and stay at Camp Lotus (the halfway point) and we will run a different stretch each day. If you want to arrange a Streamline Cooperative trip on a different river, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

It is so great for our students to spend a day with your dynamic, motivated, engaging guides. What inspirational role models. Thank you and we can’t wait for next year.

Liz Perkins