2021 Quote of the Year

“My favorite parts were Clavey Falls,
the whole second day,
and bacon.”

Jessica Mueller, Tuolumne

“If I could give an 11 I would.
Impeccable customer service, ideal product, and well executed.
It’s something I will keep with me forever.”

Maribeth Thekkedom, Rogue

“Everything was so much better than I expected.”

Fran Osborne, South Fork American

“All the guides were amazing!
The dynamics between them all made for a very well rounded group.
We could not have been happier with each and every guide!
Friends for life!”

Thomas Doherty, Main Salmon

“My daughter had the time of her life and it was the most fun and relaxed I’ve been in a long time.
An all around amazing experience!”

Sage Fuller, Rogue

“An absolutely incredible experience from beginning to end;
great guides, great location, great food.
Absolutely one of my favorite experiences ever.”

Dan Fuhrman, Rogue

2020 Quote of the Year

“If I had to pick a favorite guide, I wouldn’t be able to.”

Juta Geurtsen, Middle Fork Salmon

“Your guides have a quiet genuineness of serving guests without being ingratiating.
I like that.”

Richard Passoth, Salt Lake City, UT

“Either we got the best crew on the river, or ARTA has done something very right to create an environment where people work so hard, with so much passion.”

Joshua Danovitz, San Carlos, CA

“I want to commend you on having such a professional, friendly, intelligent, experienced staff. I know you can’t take credit for the beauty and fun of the Main Salmon, or the weather, all of which made the trip perfect, but I do want you to know that I was constantly impressed with your staff. I absolutely loved spending time with them. They became my friends (and I miss them all!!) And they were incredible role models for my children. You are lucky to have them on your team. Many, many thanks.”

Gigi Morris, Sag Harbor, NY

“We were active throughout the trip. I loved not having to do anything but enjoy it!”

Jack Schoenthaler

“We wanted to write and tell you what an awesome trip we just had on the Rogue River. The entire team was absolutely wonderful. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe what an amazing time they provided us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve helped us make a truly amazing family memory.”

Cheri Weiner, New Albany, OH

“ARTA makes us feel like part of the family… Every river, every trip.
You guys are an awesome organization.”

Susan Murphy, Middle Fork Salmon

“All of your guides were so outgoing, so not clique-ish as guides — I felt more like a participant than a guest, which I really loved. Everyone in my family felt so welcomed and invited by all the guides on this trip. It felt almost like the trips I took with my family of origin, it was that easy-going. I’ve come to expect nothing less from ARTA!”

Susan Stanley, La Crescenta, CA

2019 Quote of the Year

I didn’t enjoy the end of the trip.
First we had to leave the river, then we had to leave the guides, then we had to leave the other students.
By the time I had to leave Idaho, I felt like weeping.
And I’m not a weepy guy.

Ben Lewis, Idaho Rowing School

“Being our first river rafting experience, we were blown away by the enthusiasm, friendliness and professionalism of the guides. They were all someone with whom you would like to be friends with for the rest of your life.”

Jeff Devins, Hawi, HI

“We couldn’t have asked for better service all the way through the planning and trip completion!!! It was an absolute life changing event for me!”

Alice Randolph, Main Salmon

“Though I hate to admit that I am old enough to be their grandpa, these are the kinds of wonderful individuals you would want for your own children.”

Tim Carnessale, Los Angeles, CA

“Keep up the good work of educating people about the health & care of our precious rivers. Its groups like yours that help keep the world real & sane. Thanks!!!”

June Ritzman, Orangevale, CA

2018 Quote of the Year

“I can’t even tell you how amazing the guides on our trip were.
There are no words.”

Julie Kaneb, Green/Lodore

“We wear our ARTA shirts and drink from our ARTA mugs with pride.”

Sharon Buccino, Arlington, VA

“Your guides were all fabulous. They took great care of us; very professional, super organized, and awesomely efficient. Food was great too. We will most definitely recommend to our friends. Still having withdrawals… missing everyone big time.”

Kathy Jozefowicz, Green Lodore

“When the trip was over, I queried 6 or 8 people about the trip. I divided the trip into four parts: river flow (behavior), weather, overall group, and guides. 1 to 100 scale. EVERY person gave the guides 100!! The passion, professionalism, antics and just general good vibes of your guides make ARTA highly recommendable. OARS doesn’t come close.”

Richard Teufel, San Luis Obispo, CA