Be a hero!

A company rafting trip is a great way to promote teambuilding (“Pull me in!”), enhance communication (“He said ‘FORward’, not BACKward.”), resolve inter-departmental conflicts (waterfight), and improve morale (we’ll make sure the boss falls in). We’ve put together trips for offices of anywhere from 10 to 100 employees and everyone had a great time. And not everyone goes rafting! We can split your group and those who prefer to stay dry can hike, play volleyball, or read a book next to the river and still join us for lunch and camping. Each company trip is different and we’ll work with you to custom design a trip that fits your specific objectives: focused product-development time or rollicking annual company picnic. We have great discounts and lots of dates and rivers. Give us a call (209-962-7873) and get ready to climb the ladder; you’ll be a hero.

We had a blast with you! We’re looking forward to making this an annual event. Thanks for taking care of us! You guys rock.

Emily Clithero, Cannon Associates