Find your place.
Find yourself.
Find your selfie.
Find your hidden talent.
Find your pulse.
Find your tribe.
Find your courage.
Find your glow.
Find your space.
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Come on! Let's go find your place.

Let’s go to the river! Let’s say goodbye to the ordinary and say hello to the amazing. Let’s trade complicated for simple and swap everyday for once-in-a-lifetime. Our whitewater rafting trips are an opportunity to reconnect with your family, friends, and inner child; a chance to unplug from the virtual and plug into the reality; a place to lose your user ID and find your true ID.

Let's go find your moment.

Jump off a rock, swim through a rapid, stand under a waterfall. Live! Do things you’ve always wanted to do. Do things that you never thought you would do. Do things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Feel the butterflies of anticipation and the glow of accomplishment. Show your kids that you’re more than just someone who drives the mini-van. Remind yourself that you're more than just someone who pays the bills.

Let's go find your friends.

Taking a river rafting trip with us is like having dinner at the home of a good friend; or rather at the home of a bunch of brand-new, refreshing, genial good friends. Our guides are gracious, engaging, and thoughtful; the kind of people you'd invite to dinner at your house. You will think of them as friends and they will treat you like family.

Let's go find your adventure.

With 12 different rivers and over 50 years of experience, we can help you find the perfect whitewater rafting trip; one that will give you a chance to push your limits, or stay in your comfort zone, or do both.

Let's go!


"This was my favorite family vacation ever. My little wishes were to see bears, bald eagles and big fish, and my big wishes were to develop confidence in the water and give my sons a wonderful nature adventure. All of that happened and more."

Jennifer Moulton, Rogue River

canyon wren

Exceptional Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Majestic Rivers of the West



We are a non-profit river rafting organization with over 50 years of experience taking people on amazing journeys down the majestic rivers of the western United States. Our style is casual, our spirit is spontaneous and our guides are friendly, interesting, and engaging. By taking a trip with us you will enjoy an amazing vacation, help protect the rivers of the west, and experience the wondrous simplicity of life on the river. Come on, let's go find your place!







Sockeye Salmon

River Otter -
(Lontra canadensi) - Playful, social and at home in the water, otters are our natural spirit animals. And, like us, they often move in with others uninvited, (they live in "holts" which are burrows they share with fellow mammals - Mother Nature's original couch surfers). They like the same places we like and we see them everywhere we go, just not enough.