JP Aro, river guide for ARTA River Trips

We don’t know what JP stands for. We know he’s a student at George Washington University (Jobless Person?) and we know he’s double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Business (Joyless Pupil? Jurisprudence Possibilities?) We know he travels a lot and has been to 30 countries and 34 states (Journey Pursuer?) and that he likes to cook and isn’t frightened by strange foods (Jambalaya Pioneer? Jalapeno Patron?) We know he competed in soccer, water polo, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, football, and golf as a kid (Juvenile Player?) but is now an avid rugby athlete (Judgement Poor?)

Actually, we don’t care what JP stands for. We know he shows up for work on time (Job Punctuality) and he’s fun to take a river trip with (Jolly Pirate).

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