Peter Reuben, river guide for ARTA River Trips

Peter is next in the long, storied line of ARTA’s spiritual caretakers; the philosophical guide for all ARTA guides. Just below the how of getting boats down the river, is the why, the gist, the meaning; and Peter is all about the meaning. Which makes sense since his first trip was in Utero and he knows that someday his last one will be with all of his ARTA family and their kids and grandkids. And he knows that how they all got there won’t be as important as why. But obsession with the why has made finding the how more complicated. A Bachelor’s in Business with a minor in math led to a suit and tie which didn’t answer the question. A Master’s in Education and a classroom of middle schoolers (during a pandemic) didn’t either.

But the how is out there.

And if you know where you started and you believe in where you’re going, maybe how you move between them isn’t the point.

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