Stella Robinson, river guide for ARTA River Trips

When your parents are river guides and own a house near the river, you’re bound to run into a few characters growing up. Stella liked what she saw. Cool adults (who weren’t her parents) talking about the magic of life on the river while raiding her refrigerator; amazing people who shared their love of rivers with her then fell asleep on the couch; mythical personalities who let her stay up late listening to their stories of exotic places and then were gone before she woke up in the morning. Captivated, Stella started tagging along (and keeping pace), picking up guide secrets and putting down river roots, until, one day, she was the sharer of the stories and caretaker of the magic. The river means a lot to all of us; it means a lot more to Stella.

(PS – the fridge was always full and the couch always available because her (cool) parents knew exactly what they were doing.)

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