For Right-Brained People

Geology Tour of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

In Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

For the 2024 season, ARTA’s rock star, Dave Cook, is going to take a break from layered Paleozoic sedimentary rocks (think 300 million-year-old Weber Sandstone found in Dinosaur National Monument), and transition to massive intrusions of granitic igneous rocks (think 55 million-year-old Idaho Batholith that is common to the Middle Fork Salmon). For those of us who don’t understand any of that, it basically means two things:

1. Dave Cook is taking a detour this year and heading from Utah to Idaho for his Geology Trip.

2. You probably need to sign up for this trip if you don’t know what Paleozoic sedimentary rocks are or if you aren’t familiar with Batholiths.

Either way, 2024’s Geology Trip is going to be another amazing one-of-a-kind adventure where we learn about rocks and water and take a moment to get away from it all.  All inside one of the most amazing canyons that rocks (and water) have ever created. Join us.

Learn more about the Middle Fork Salmon Here

2024 Geology Trip

Middle Fork of the Salmon
6 days

August 11th – 16th

$2,999 per adult

$2,799 per youth

Meet Dave Cook

the rock star of the show

Dave Cook is a Principal Geologist with Aspect Consulting in Seattle, Washington. He received a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio; completed his geologic field camp near Bozeman, Montana; and obtained his master’s degree in Geology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. It is in Flagstaff where things got interesting for Dave. He learned to backpack and survive with limited water in extreme desert conditions, and figured out that the west is where he needed to spend his life. And, after his first brutal 14-mile hike to his thesis area in the Grand Canyon, he learned that rafting 60 miles downriver was a far more pleasant way of accessing geology in its natural state than hiking. He knows a lot about rocks and enough about history, science, John Wesley Powell, water crises, alternative energy, soccer, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks to make this a very interesting trip.

“Your guides were all incredibly professional, easygoing, knowledgeable, fun, tireless, and all went out of their way to make the trip more comfortable and fun for all of us, despite our constant forgetfulness and lack of preparedness!”

Amanda Metcalf