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Neal McAdam

Neal McAdam(from a 9th Grade English essay by Kyle Bullerjahn, September 2001) -

Neil, with his large beard that is a rather chestnut color with a hint of sun-bleached gold, rowed me down the river last summer. I asked, "Say, Neil, what is your favorite thing to do?" He smiled and replied, "This." "But isn't this your job?" I questioned. "Yea, it sure is, but look where my 'office' is - out in the wild with no cars, no planes, and barely any unnatural elements." "Yea, you're right. That's my biggest fear - having to spend most of my day sitting in a cubical and staring at a computer while I could be out in the beautiful wilderness." "Well, K-fish (as he calls me), you can do whatever your calling in life is. I just think being out in nature is mine."

(2005 update: Kyle is now a Senior at Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut, contemplating his calling in life; Neal is a ski patroller in Park City, Utah, enjoying his).

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