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Jackson Frishman

Jackson Frishman, whitewater guide for ARTA River TripsFor the past 12 years, “Ask Jackson” has been the go-to answer for all of our stumped river guides. Need to know what the Sheepeaters ate? Ask Jackson, (“Well, actually, not just sheep”). Need to know who Morrison Sandstone is named for, or what kind of rock it is? Ask Jackson, (“Well, actually, not a person, not a sandstone”). Off the river, his repertoire ranges from opera (lover) to photography (practitioner) to Icelandic Sagas (thesis) to, well, actually, we haven’t found anything he doesn’t know yet. It’s no coincidence that he’s so well rounded: he got on the river before his first birthday, (his mom worked for us in the 60’s) and studied Philosophy, Math and History of Science at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. (Of course, having a big vocabulary and the ability to keep a straight face helps too).

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