Marek Robinson, ARTA guide (and CEO)

Marek took the long road to the front office. Before becoming ARTA’s CEO in 2019, he took a detour from the river life he knew in his youth and spent 20 years in the über-corporate environment of Honeywell, Inc; traveling the world solving sophisticated security problems, overseeing multi-million dollar enterprises, and managing complex teams of people. But while his feet beat the streets, his heart remained on the river. So, when fate presented him with the chance to return to his natural environment and upgrade his resume by becoming ARTA’s CEO, there was no hesitation. The new road now includes more time with his family (2 daughters), less time away from home, (he lives near the South Fork of the American), and the chance to bring his career path full-circle (he was a guide in the 1990s).

Sometimes you have to go a long way to land where you belong.

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