For Right-Brained People

The Middle Fork is the American’s most remote fork and every trip is an adventure. In the course of one day we will run one of California’s most extreme rapids, (Tunnel Chute, where the river drops over 15 feet through a 100 foot long man-made slot in the bedrock), pass through a 300 yard long tunnel (blasted through the ridge by miners during the Gold Rush), walk around a breathtaking drop, (the jaw-dropping Ruck-A-Chucky Falls where the river plunges 30 feet over house sized boulders), and tackle numerous other white-water challenges. Between rapids, we’ll float through the golden hillsides of California’s historic Mother Lode Gold Country near Auburn. The canyon is much more remote than the South Fork; no houses, no campgrounds, no roads and for most people, therefore, prettier.

The hard rapids mean you should probably be active and eager and over 14 years old.

More about the Middle Fork American

Our 1 day trips cover over 20 miles of clear, cold river through a near wilderness setting which is full of natural and human history, wildlife, and exciting whitewater. The canyon is reminiscent of the Stanislaus, with wide gravel bars, thick riparian vegetation, and many side streams. The Middle Fork has a few intense rapids, separated by long calm stretches of clear, cold water. Trip members should have previous paddling experience, and be prepared for a demanding trip. At the guide’s discretion Tunnel Chute is run only in paddle rafts and nobody runs Ruck-A-Chucky Falls (the rafts are pushed over the falls empty; trip members should feel comfortable walking and climbing over boulders and rough terrain as there is no real trail around the rapid). Overall, the Middle Fork includes stretches of scenic beauty and enjoyable Class II and III whitewater, separated by intense, wild rapids which are exhilarating and memorable events. For those who have experienced the South Fork and the Tuolumne and who want another adventure, the Middle Fork awaits!

Even though it was just for a day, your guides were like part of our family.

Andy Guillen