Family vacation river trips in California, Oregon, Idaho and Utah
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Relax. We'll take care of you.

Bonding on the Rogue River on a family river trip in OregonRiver trips make great family vacations.

An ARTA Family Trip is a chance for you to get to know your children in a friendly, uncomplicated, and simple environment and a chance for them to do the same with you. No Internet connection means more face-to-face connection; no screen time means more scream time. Whether your family is you and one child, (or grandchild), or you and a horde of children, (they all don't even have to be yours), our special Family Trips are unforgettable experiences.

"This was my favorite family vacation ever. My little wishes were to see bears, bald eagles and big fish, and my big wishes were to develop confidence in the water and give my sons a wonderful nature adventure. All of that happened and more."

Jennifer Moulton, Rogue River

Special itineraries:

These trips are different! On our Family Trips we adjust our itinerary to allow for water fights, rock-skipping lessons, wildlife viewing, and other essential activities and we supplement the menu with extra peanut butter, pancakes, and marshmallows. Because of the wonderful and unpredictable nature of kids, our plans are kept quite flexible; on some days we may designate a "kid's boat", or have a "no-talent show", or have an "Unbirthday Party", on other days we may do all three! The only sure thing is that we will enjoy every moment.

Special guides:

Family vacations on the American, Rogue, Salmon, and Green RiversFamily Trips are staffed with a very talented group of guides - people who love kids and who understand the word "vacation". Their job is to make sure that you go home fully relaxed and that your kids go home totally exhausted! With many years of experience in whitewater navigation, as well as many trips with children, our guides are fully capable of providing your family with a relaxing and memorable journey.

The best river trips for families:

SOUTH FORK AMERICAN: The South Fork of the American River is a playful river with plenty of beginner level whitewater and a few intermediate rapids to grab your attention. It is a very popular trip, particularly on weekends, but during the week it offers a wonderful escape from the stress, heat, and tension of city life. Our unique "wilderness" campsite, complete with a canopy of trees, the privacy of nature, and no Internet connection allows you and your family to spend some uninterrupted screen-free time together in a peaceful setting.
MEETING PLACE: Camp Lotus, CA (near Placerville)

ROGUE RIVER: The Rogue is a gentle river that flows through a lush, remote canyon in Southern Oregon. It boasts an abundance of wildlife, (deer, otter, bear, and numerous birds), and beautiful side streams with swimming holes and natural rock slides. The campsites are big, sandy beaches, usually near a side stream and offering great hiking and star-gazing opportunities. The rapids are exciting, but also forgiving; perfect for paddle rafts and inflatable canoes as well as for swimming!

GREEN DESOLATION: If you want to spend a week with your young kids and not worry about anything except putting on sunscreen, you should take them rafting through Desolation Canyon. If you want to hang out with your family and friends, and swim and laugh and immerse yourself in life on the river and not be distracted by anything except the gentle reflection of the setting sun on a sandstone cliff, well, you know what you should do.

MAIN SALMON: The Main has all the ingredients for a perfect Family Trip - a remote canyon, warm water, incredible beaches, lots of wildlife, fun rapids, great hiking, hot springs and a chance to float through Idaho for six days. Our diverse flotilla of paddle rafts, inflatable canoes and oar rafts allows for a variety of "thrill levels" - from tame to insane - and insures that everyone in the family gets the most out of the trip. Big, sandy beaches are perfect for frisbees and sand castles and the hotsprings are ideal for soaking away the worries of the "artificial" world.