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Vladimir Kovalik (but everyone calls him 'VK')

Evan Smith, river guide for ARTA River TripsIn an age of second-generation river guides, VK is third-generation (his grandfather pioneered the sport in the 60s after fleeing post-war Czechoslovakia; but that’s another story). In an age of smart-phones and touch-screens, VK has hand-tools and calluses (he was raised on a ranch in eastern Montana; but that’s another story, too). In an age of techno degrees and on-line education, VK is old-school (he designed his own BA in Sustainability from The Evergreen State College; but, yeah, another story). In an age of digitalization and the next-new thing, VK is an analog craftsman (he hand paints custom signs and murals; but, well, you get it, another story). And in an age of facebook posts and auto-fill texts, VK is a story-teller (which is how we learned about all those other things).

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