The Great River Song – Flow Down Conference Finals

Welcome to The Conference Finals of the Great River Flow Down song competition. Or the final 4 for you basketball fans out there. Just two rounds left until we crown our song of the summer! Round two was an absolute beauty, and you all rocked the vote! The cream of the crop is finally rising to the top, and each conference is putting its best foot forward to show it has the best river song. Below are each of our match-ups from Round Three. Both artist and song title are linked to that song’s corresponding youtube video. Please stick around and listen to the songs, and when you’re ready, head on down and click through to vote.

Fitzcarraldo Conference  VS  Mystic Conference

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River  vs.   Talking Heads – Take me to the River

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

Talking Heads – Take me to the River

Bigwater’s Take:  CCR will make some heads roll in the Conference finals round. From the beginning, I (Mikey Bigwater) knew CCR would be in the finals, and a win here makes it all come true.

Kwai Conference Champion  VS  Snowy Conference Champion

Joni Mitchell – River  vs.  Bruce Springsteen – The River

Joni Mitchell – River

Bruce Springsteen’s – The River

Bigwater’s Take: I’m a little upset that the man in black got sent home, especially after he took out Leon. “River” was my favorite song in the Snowy Conference. Eventually, I’ll get over it, probably once Bruce’s The River wins over Joni’s River.

Round 2 Individual match-up results below:

Fitzcarraldo Conference  Champion: Talking Heads – Take me to the River

Talking Heads rd 2 victory with 88 % of the votes

Neil Young rd 1 victory with 68% of the votes

Talking Heads rd 1 victory with 88 % of the votes

Bigwater’s Take:  The Talking Heads took Neil’s head in Round 2 with 72% of the votes. Name recognition can’t be the culprit this round, as Neil and the Heads are both huge names in the music biz. So we have to give it to the Talking Heads. However, Karina and I called it, so you have to feel good about that. 

Mystic Conference Champion: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

CCR rd 2 victory with 58% % of the votes

Head and the Heart rd 1 victory with 70% of the votes

CCR rd 1 victory with 77 % of the votes

Bigwater’s Take:  CCR finally put the hipsters to rest; we all knew they would. Green River is just too classic and too rockin to be stopped.  This was, however, our closest match-up of the round just ever so slightly.

Kwai Conference Champion:  Joni Mitchell – River

Joni Mitchell rd 2 victory with 66 % of the votes

Paul Roberson rd 1 victory with 76% of the votes

Joni Mitchell rd 1 victory with 76 % of the votes

Bigwater’s Take: Huge upset in round 2, with Joni defeating Paul. Both the Goat and I thought this would be an easy win for Paul. It, however, didn’t end up that way, with Joni having the second-biggest win of the round with 66% of the votes. Don’t worry, Paul; I still like your song more!

Snowy Conference Champion: Bruce Springsteen – The River

The Boss rd 2 victory with 60% of the votes

Johnny Cash rd 1 victory with 60% of the votes

The Boss rd 1 victory with 60% of the votes

Bigwater’s Take: Sixty is the Snowy Conference’s lucky number, with the Boss running away with the win over Johnny Cash with (you guessed it) 60% of the votes. 

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