Welcome to Utah!

We all love the river and we all love the desert (and we all love dessert!) We’re going to share ALL of them with you.

Travel safely and we’ll see you soon –

Mia McDonald is a whitewater guide for ARTA River Trips in Oregon

Mia McDonald

We worry about guides who know exactly what they want to do with their lives. We’re not worried about Mia...
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Niko Loznak, River Guide - ARTA River Trips

Niko Loznak

Niko works hard, smiles a lot, cares about the right things, and doesn’t talk about himself very much.
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Camille Kintzele, river guide for ARTA River Trips

Camille Kintzele

Camille was all set to go on her first whitewater rafting trip in middle school and then backed out at the last minute. Cold feet about wet feet...
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Isabelle Guthrie is a Whitewater Rafting Guide for ARTA River Trips

Isabelle Guthrie

Isabelle got in line twice when they were handing out kindheartedness. And she double-dipped on warmth. And she completely ...
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Scotty Ewen - river guide for ARTA River Trips

Scotty Ewen

Is "Midwestern Dude" an oxymoron? Scotty was born and raised in Minnesota but ...
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Chloe Hawkey is a Whitewater Rafting Guide for ARTA River Trips

Dawn Canapary

One of Dawn’s career goals is to be a Llama Wrangler. That would be unusual, except that in the Why-Not-World-of-Dawn, it makes perfect sense....
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