For Right-Brained People

Rafting with the stars (and meteors)!

An astronomically fun trip on the Tuolumne River and in outer space

Imagine lying on a big sandy beach along the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River on a warm California night watching the Perseids Meteor shower do its thing and being able to Google all your questions.

This trip is sort of like that.

Every 133 years the Swift-Tuttle comet passes by our little planet and leaves behind a trail of dust and debris. Then every August we pass through the trail and are treated to a spectacular light show of “falling stars”. The 2020 peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower will be the night of August 11 and John Keller, professor of astronomy at UC Boulder, (and the closest thing to riverside Google access as we’re going to get), will be joining us to explain what’s going on.

In addition to meteors, John can help us with all of the other astronomical stuff that we wonder about: black holes, white dwarfs, red giants, supernovas, and superstitions, (and don’t get him started on The Kuiper Belt!) He’s great at explaining the hard-to-understand and he’s also great about pondering the unexplainable; professional astronomer, amatuer philosopher. 

2020 Stargazing Trip

Tuolumne River

August 11 – 12

Adults: $539.00

Youths (7 – 17): $499.00 

Meet John Keller

the non-star of the show

John has enjoyed discussing meteors, cosmology, and everything in between with ARTA guests and guides since the summer of 2013. He studied biology at Stanford University as an undergraduate and planetary science at the University of Arizona for his PhD.  He’s taught middle schoolers at AstroCamp, high schoolers in the Bay Area, and undergraduates at both Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the University of Colorado Boulder.

He is currently an astronomy faculty member and Director of Fiske Planetarium at CU Boulder.

John enjoys hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and the outdoors. He especially loves sharing the universe with others.

It was perfect and John was so interesting. I learned so much but all I can remember is how amazing it was. You have to do this trip again.

Melanie Miller