The Great River Song – Flow Down

Ladies and Gentlemen, colleagues, team members, and people. Welcome to Round One of the Great River Flow Down song competition. Round One sees some tough competition right out of the gate.  Below are each of our match-ups from Round One. Both artist and song title are linked to that song’s corresponding youtube video. Please stick around and listen to the songs, and when you’re ready, head on down and click through to the vote.

Fitzcarraldo Conference – Round One

Neil Young – Down by the River    VS.     Bishop Briggs – River

Ian Noe – River Fool    VS.    Talking Heads – Take me to the River

Bigwater’s Take:  Don’t let the name recognition of Neil Young fool you. Bishop Briggs’s hot 2018 single “River” is still relevant and rocks.  It’s also actually about running a river, not just murder.  Also, who has time to listen to a nine-minute song these days? I vote Bishop in this match-up. Noe vs. The Talking Heads? I’m going to have to go with Talking Heads, not because the song is better but because it has David Byrne’s power. The guy won an Academy Award for the best original score for the film “The Last Emperor,” and that’s staying power that even the best song about drinking homemade wine can’t compete with.

Mystic Conference – Round One

The Head and The Heart – Rivers & Roads    VS.     Phil Collins – River So Wide

Ra Ra Riot – Water    VS.    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

Bigwater’s Take: Rivers and Roads all the way. The hipster smash hit about longing for love and traveling on both rivers and roads matched up again the hip energy of Phil Collins? The hipsters already won this matchup before it was cool.

Don’t let Ra Ra Riots TERRIBLE music video fool you this song about getting naked and swimming is actually great to listen to while on the river. But even the best catchy skinning dipping song can’t fight the Cali-created, bayou-hardened powerhouse that is CCR. CCR, as the number 2 seed, probably has the easiest route to the finals. And without a doubt, you will see Green River in the Finals. ARTA also rafts the Green River. Double cool.

Kwai Conference – Round One

Paul Roberson – Ol’ Man River   VS.     Justin Timberlake – Cry Me a River

Billy Joel – The River of Dreams    VS.    Joni Mitchell – River

Bigwater’s Take: This might be the Flow Downs’ toughest Conference. Four songs with absolute power. However, this first round is easy pickin’s. Justin is going to cry a river after Paul sends him down the river. Don’t let the lousy YouTube quality fool you. Paul Roberson’s epic song Ol’ Man river is a powerhouse not to be denied. Oh, and the lyrics!? Sorry JT, you’re going to need a bigger boat. Billy Joel’s song is excellent; I love it, and I’m not a big Joni Mitchell fan, but you can’t deny Joni. That’s why her nickname used to be Juggernaut Joni.

Snowy Conference – Round One

Leon Bridges – River   VS.     Johnny Cash – Big River

Eminem – River    VS.    Bruce Springsteen – The River

Bigwater’s Take: You know I really want to give it to Cash on this one, but Leon Bridges’s LIVE (yeah, this is live) version of River is just outstanding. I’ll go anywhere with you, Leon. Leon is going to make it easily into the next round. The following match-up of Eminem (with help from singer-songwriter extraordinaire Ed Sheeren) just can’t compete with The Boss.  No amount of bleached or red hair can stand up to the power of Springsteen’s sweaty black hair. Add that to his commanding voice and harmonica bridges. See you in the Finals, Bruce.

The Great River Song – Flow Down

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