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Hike the Rogue Trail and support KS Wild!

Spend five days hiking on the historic Rogue River Trail and help protect the canyon

Hiking the Rogue River Trail with ARTA River Trips and KS Wild The Rogue was one of the first rivers in the nation to be recognized as a National Wild and Scenic River and hiking the 40 mile Rogue River National Trail is a great way to enjoy this remarkable place. Making that experience even better will be not having to carry anything on your back! We'll ferry all of the camping gear and food by boat, allowing you to enjoy a steady pace (8 miles per day) with a light daypack and then enjoy riverside camping with fresh, hearty meals, thick, heavy sleeping pads and glorious, decadent chairs! Plus, we'll gladly haul your beer and wine for you! This will be an amazing trip; reserve your space now.

The Rogue Canyon is rich in flora, fauna, and human history and hiking the Rogue River Trail is a wonderful way to experience it. We'll be joined by a volunteer from KSWild who will help us get a better understanding of the area. We'll see spectacular wildflowers like shooting star, scarlet fritillary, and seepspring monkeyflower; we'll watch soaring raptors like Osprey and Bald Eagle and we'll hear the silent stories of bygone miners and homesteaders. And we'll learn about the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, modern forestry and mining practices, anadromous fish, and all of the other hidden connections in wild nature. Bring your camera, binoculars, sketch book, and best friend!

KS Wild logoARTA will donate $100 per participant to benefit KS Wild's work to expand the Wild Rogue Wilderness. You can learn more about KS Wild and their valuable work by watching their great video: Guardians of the Klamath Siskyou.

Full trip details are available here.

    OspreyOsprey - (Pandion haliaetus) - The name Osprey comes from the Latin Ossifragus which means “bone breaker”, (they’re only fish bones, of course, but still, cool etymology). They patrol almost every river we run, like our personal guardian angels, and they treat us to spectacular air shows, like our personal Blue Angels. They live in breath-taking, tree-top nests and they sometimes fly so low that we can see the keenness in their eyes; both of which make us hope for reincarnation.