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Adventure Trips

Adventure TripsBring a daypack, a headlamp, sturdy shoes and an open-mind for these unpredictable excursions. Inspired by our guides’ never-ending curiosities and ever-wandering eyes, these trips will be exciting and impulsive. We might get up early in the morning, grab a quick breakfast and head off to reach a long-admired peak, or stop in the middle of the day at a non-descript creek and succumb to the eternal allure of what’s just around the next bend, or decide after dinner that the moonrise might look better from the top of that saddle across the river.

Meals will be streamlined to allow for more hiking and exploring and each day’s itinerary will be flexible to allow for more inspiration and exploration; the perfect recipe for those who enjoy life without a script.

Specific Details - Logistics - There are no logistical changes for these trips. Please see the regular trip details for information on meeting time and place, transportation, weather and other trip information. We do have a few equipment suggestions and additions which are listed below and are meant to complement the personal equipment list included with the regular trip details. As always, please call us if you have any questions.

In addition to the items on the standard equipment list, please note the following:

Wetsuits and Rain Gear - Adventure trips are scheduled during the early part of the season and the weather can be part of the adventure. You should come prepared to get wet while on the river and to stay dry while on shore. Wetsuits are great for the really wet days, but can be uncomfortable on multiple days and are terrible for hiking. If you have one, bring it and we'll figure out how to best use it. Rain gear, (high quality jacket and pants), is more versatile, comfortable and practical. You don't need Gore-Tex, but don't show up with a vinyl poncho from the drugstore. If you are a gear hog, bring a full set of rain gear and a good paddling jacket, (neoprene/velcro cuffs and neck sealing 100% waterproof jacket).

Small Backpack - For some of our longer hikes, you need a small pack to carry water, extra layers, or even a lunch or snack. Please make sure it can get wet.

Shoes - Unlike our regular trips, we'll keep your hiking shoes available during the day, so when we spot that big rock promontory at the top of the ridge in the middle of the afternoon, we can pull over, lace up and see if we can get there. Lightweight hiking/approach boots or the new breed of trail running shoes will be perfect. We will also be taking some wet hikes up creeks and through puddles, so good, comfortable river shoes are advised. Chaco's are staff favorites; Tevas and similar sandals are fine. Avoid velcro if you can.

Headlamp - Make sure you bring one if you're thinking about doing every hike. There is a wide variety and price range; you'll need one that is appropriate for hiking, (lightweight, medium range). Make sure you bring extra batteries.

Fleece and Polypro - For Adventure Trips: at least two tops and bottoms. We recommend a heavy fleece pullover (Polartec 300) and an expedition weight polypro long underwear top plus a pair of fleece pants and a pair of long underwear bottoms, (mid or light weight is probably fine). If you manage it right, these should keep you in dry clothes for the whole trip.