Main Salmon

Idahos best trip. 

  • 6 days, 81 miles, Class III
  • Beautiful sandy beaches with fun, splashy rapids
  • Fantastic history, hot springs, and homesteads

Middle Fork Salmon

The classic alpine whitewater trip.

  • 6 days, 100 miles, Class III+ to IV
  • Beautiful Rocky Mountain majesty
  • Good hiking, world-class fishing, and hotsprings!


A rare piece of untouched west.

  • 5 or 6 days, 47 miles, Class IV
  • Majestic alpine scenery through the pristine Bitteroot wilderness
  • A true gem of the west, this trip has it all.

Pro Guide Training

The fast lane to becoming a professional guide

  • 10 days, ~100 miles, Class IV
  • World-class instruction, challenge, and camaraderie
  • Set in some of the west's most iconic river canyons.

Idaho Rowing School

Life-changing experience in the Idaho backcountry

  • 7 or 8 days, 84 miles, Class III+
  • Learn about rowing, expeditioning, and yourself
  • Fun rapids, majestic scenery, amazing campsites

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Middle Main Combination

Idaho's version of the Grand Canyon.

  • 12 days, 185 miles, Class IV
  • Majestic alpine scenery through deep wilderness
  • Great fishing, hiking, camping, history, and hotsprings!