For Right-Brained People

Live Music on the Tuolumne River

The river will capture your attention; the music will capture your heart.

It’s already a great river trip; world-class whitewater, enchanting sidestreams, stunning campsites, and relaxing solitude, so how can we make it better?

Add the magic and sponteneity of live, riverside music!

Part-time river guide and full-time entertainer Jenner Fox will join us for two days and one magical night in May and Grammy Award-winner and self-proclaimed “river rats” Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum will join us in July for three days and two magical nights.

These trips have very loyal followings, sign up early. 

Jenner Fox plays the T

We were fortunate to have Jenner work for us as a river guide a few years ago, before his musical sirens outcalled those from the river. And we’re excited to welcome him back to the T.

At home in the limelight and at peace on the river, Jenner will share songs and stories about love, longing, places, connections, and beavers.

2020 Jenner Fox Trip

Tuolumne River
2 days, May 18 – 19

$539 per person

Lalurie Lewis and Tom Rozum on the Tuolumne

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum have taken so many river trips that they are now common law “river people“. Comfortable on the water, relaxed around camp, and at home under the stars, their familiarity with river life makes their campsite music more real and their riverside performances less predictable. Gotta request? Wanna play along? Needa classic? Kinda fun. On the river, they are in their natural second-home, enabling them to give us an intimate and inclusive wilderness musical adventure.

2020 Laurie Lewis Trip

Tuolumne River
3 days, July 30 – August 1

$819 per person