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Ry Farley

Ry Farley, river guide for ARTA River Trips It doesn’t happen very often, but whenever we need someone to explain Raoult’s Law or perform a Passato Sotto or describe an annulus, we turn to Ry. His arcane but well-rounded knowledge comes courtesy of his four years studying chemistry, practicing fencing, and exploring the environmental impacts of fracking while at Vassar College, (so we also turn to him whenever we need to spell Poughkeepsie). More often, we turn to him for that other kind of chemistry, the kind that depends on human bonds and personal reactions. His useful and well-polished interpersonal skills come courtesy of his charming nature and from studying the ice-breaking effects of a silly joke as a student on four different ARTA whitewater schools, (so we also turn to him whenever we need to spell perseverance).

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