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Lars Bolster

Tanner Welch, whitewater guide for ARTA River TripsLars bridges the enormous gap between cool California surfer dude and proper English gentleman; one foot on the beach, the other in the manor. “Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupon, bro?” It’s not a trick. It’s the result of growing up on the river (second-generation river guide) and developing those natural, make-friends-anywhere skills that cause teenage boys to want to hang with him while their parents want to adopt him. In addition to his rad civility, he’s got an ocean of outdoor experience (biking, kayaking, skiing, climbing), a BS in Environmental Science (UNR), and a penchant for being ten minutes early wherever he goes. His sights are set on a nursing degree and an ER in the mountains. We’re sure he’ll get there (hipply late but politely on time).

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