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Isabelle Guthrie and Tanner Welch

Isabelle Guthrie and Tanner Welch, whitewater guides for ARTA River TripsThey don’t share any DNA, but they do share a lot of childhood memories. They grew up with one another in Sandpoint, Idaho and their families took annual summer vacations together on the rivers of the northern Rockies. All day Izzy would flit from raft to raft, making friends, organizing activities, playing games, tending to needs and talking about stuff while Tanner fished. In the evenings they’d share their individual adventures and solidify that special bond that comes through life on the river. Predictably, Izzy is now studying to be a nurse and Tanner to be a physicist. And, delightfully, Izzy can fish and Tanner can talk about a lot of stuff.

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