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Fiona Cerf

Fiona Cerf, whitewater guide for ARTA River TripsFiona credits her compassionate mom for giving her an intuitive concern for the welfare of others and she credits her progressive dad for giving her an impulsive curiosity about her surroundings. She thanks her two older brothers for cultivating her persistence and toughness, and Colorado College gets responsibility for her inter-disciplinary mindset (and her degree in Environmental Science). She attributes her curiosity about the world to having spent some of her childhood living in South America and she attributes her appreciation of wild places and her love of Rainier Beer to spending the rest of it living in the Pacific Northwest.

Clearly, Fiona has projection issues; (and a selfless future). 

[Editor’s note: ARTA takes full credit for answering the phone when Fiona called to sign up for Whitewater School.]




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