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Aaron Cavagnolo

Aaron Cavagnolo, river guide for ARTA River TripsThere are experienced guides, there are seasoned guides and there are accomplished guides. And then there is Aaron.

Not only has he spent more days (over 3,000) on more rivers (over 140) in more states and countries (over 15) than any of us, and not only has he taught more whitewater schools (over 30) and led more trips (over 600) than any of us, he has also had more smiles, more simple pleasures and more laughs than any of us – many at his own expense. Over the past 20+ years he has put together a resume that would humble anyone who claims to be a river guide and induce envy amongst anyone who claims to be living the dream.

Fortunately for us, it hasn’t yet caught the attention of anyone who claims to have a better year-round job offer.

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