Private charter river rafting trips
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Private charter river trips

The magic of a river trip and the fun of knowing everyone with you.

private and charter river trips throughout the west with ARTAWhen you book a Private-Charter Trip with ARTA you get an EXCLUSIVE trip for your group. Not only do you have the luxury of sharing life-long memories with friends, families, and co-workers, you can customize the trip to suit your group's interests: more hiking, layover day, all-vegetarian cuisine, whatever. Tell us what you want and we can probably make it happen.

The maximum number of spaces available for each river varies according to agency regulations, (see table below).

The minimum number needed for a private-charter trip varies based on the river and the season, (see table below). If you don't have the minimum necessary, you can still get a discount by signing up as a group, or you can call us (800-323-2782) and see if there are alternatives. Full details for private-charter trips are available here.

(minimum for charter and free trip)
(maximum on trip)
South Fork American 20* 80
Middle Fork American 12 15
Tuolumne 20* 22
Merced 16 24
Rogue 18* 22
Illinois 8 (no free trip) 8
Main Salmon 20* 24
Middle Fork Salmon 23* 24
Selway 12 (no free trip) 12
Green-Lodore 20* 25
Yampa 20* 25
Green-Desolation 12 20
* Private-charter trips are available for smaller groups on specific dates - please call for details.


"All of the guides on my trip were fantastic. They were very fun and enthusiastic and created an environment where everyone could enjoy themselves to the fullest extent, from the 92-year-old ex-river guide to my seven-year-old sister to my brother and me messing around in the double duckie, everyone had a blast."
Jonah Udall, (age 17)