11 ways to stay cool on the river

It’s as easy as falling off a boat.


Jump in

Jump in again! (and stay cool)

Instant relief.

(And it’s free.)


Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated! (and stay cool)

You’ll do better with water in your system.

(Unless you’re a Volkswagen.)


Stay in the shade

Find some shade! (and stay cool)

You’ll do better if you’re not in the direct sun.

(Unless you’re a lizard.)


Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen! (and stay cool)

Burned skin radiates heat.

(And hurts.)


Wear a hat

Wear a hat! (and stay cool)

Portable shade.


Say “yes” to the boat slide

Boat slide! (and stay cool)

More than once.

(Trust us.)


Wear a bandana

(and keep it wet)

Wear a bandana! (and stay cool)

A wet bandana around your neck is like a wet bandana around your neck.

(Plus: Katherine Hepburn style!)


Wear a cotton shirt

(and keep it wet)

Wear a cotton shirt! (and stay cool)

Wearing a wet shirt is like artificially perspiring.

(Plus: JT style!)


Get in a waterfight

Get in a waterfight! (and stay cool)

We have a love-hate relationship with those Stream-Machine things.

(But it’s mostly love when it’s mostly hot.)


Wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses! (and stay cool)

There are two kinds of cool.

(And it’s uncool to lose your sunglasses, so: Chums.)


Jump in again

Jump in! (and stay cool)

There’s no limit.

(And it’s always free.)

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