stargazing trip on the Rogue
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Rafting with the stars!

When you're in the bottom of the Yampa Canyon, you are over 2,500 vertical feet from the canyon rim and over 20 horizontal miles from the nearest town.

It's dark.

And if you're there when the moon is new, it's even darker. The stars look as close as fingertips; the Milky Way looks as thick as cream. Stars twinkle (why?). Meteors fall (how?) Satellites streak (where?) We wonder (What?)

And John explains. ("Well, let's think about that...")

John Keller, professor of astronomy at UC Boulder, doesn't know if there is extra-terrestrial life or what came before the Big Bang, but he knows almost all of the other astronomical stuff that we wonder about: black holes and white dwarfs, brown dwarfs and red giants, supernovas and superstitions, (and don't get him started on The Kuiper Belt!) He's great at explaining the hard-to-understand and he's also great about pondering the unexplainable; professional astronomer, amatuer philosopher.

Imagine lying on a big sandy beach in the middle of nowhere looking up at the endless sky twinkling with unknowns and being able to Google all your questions.

This trip is sort of like that.

"John Keller was amazing to learn about our place in the universe from. Of the ten plus ARTA trips we have taken, this one was transformative. Stars aligned!"

John Krist