stargazing trip on the Rogue
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Rafting with the stars (and meteors)!

Watch the Perseids Meteor Shower in spectacular Lodore Canyon.

stargazing on the Rogue RiverEvery 133 years the Swift-Tuttle comet passes by our planet and leaves behind a trail of dust and debris. Then every August we pass through the trail and are treated to a spectacular light show of "falling stars." Imagine laying next to the river on a warm summer night watching the Perseids Meteor Shower do its thing while your own personal astronomer tells you what you're seeing, why it is happening, what else is going on, and where we all came from (ok, maybe not that last part). But still, magical!

John will bring an assortment of observational tools and a plethora of observational tales to help us go deep into the world of outer space. He'll share technical knowledge about astronomical phenomena, indulge curious questions about extra-terrestrial life, and teach us the proper technique for celebrating a falling star. This is a really fun and fascinating reason to stay up late and laugh and wonder. Join us!

"It was perfect and John was so interesting. I learned so much but all I can remember is how amazing it was. You have to do this trip again."

Melanie Miller