Whitewater guide training and rowing school in Idaho with ARTA River Trips
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Oregon Rowing School Trip Details

General Description:

We've added a new session of our popular Rowing School; this one is on the beautiful Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Whitewater rowing school on the Main Salmon in Idaho with ARTA River Trips Eight days on the river.
Seven nights under the stars.
Countless memories.

Rapids, beaches, creeks, hikes, lessons, stories, friends.

Sore muscles that last a week, cool tans that last a month, memories that last forever.

You'll gain confidence and come away energized by learning a new skill and making new friends.

The goal of this school is to get you as much rowing time as possible. We'll take lots of rafts, big ones with instructors and little ones with just a single student each. The rapids are pretty straightforward, great for learning how to navigate whitewater and the water is pretty warm, just in case you don't learn fast enough. The campsites are wonderful, ideal for figuring out how to do the whole cooking thing and the length of the trip is just right, full but not long days and relaxed evenings. And, best of all, our instructors are patient angels, ready to teach, show, share, and laugh with you.

We hope you can join us.


September 1: Pre-trip meeting at 8:30 pm at Morrison's Lodge in Merlin, Oregon.
September 2 - 5: We will float 35 miles of the Rogue River, catching eddies, scouting rapids, sharing tips and telling stories. The Rogue rapids are tricky, but generally forgiving; great for learning basic skills and gaining confidence. Each day we will make camp in the early evening, take care of our camp chores and have time for relaxation, exploration or education. We'll take-out on the afternoon of the 5th, return to the launch site, and prep for a return encounter with the Rogue.
September 6 - 9: Everyone deserves a second chance! We'll launch again on the Rogue for a rematch with Tyee, Mule Creek and Blossom Bar. The instruction level will shift and as the school progresses, students will take a more active role in the day-to-day logistics and decisions; instructors will offer advice and encouragement and will present challenging scenarios. We'll take out on the afternoon of September 9th and return to Morrison's full of sand and confidence.

About the Trip:

Our 8-day Oregon Rowing School promises to be a true adventure! This is a great course for those who want to develop rowing skills for private trips, for those who want a little guidance as they delve into extended wilderness excursions, or for those who just want to row a raft and enjoy eight days on one of the west’s classic rivers. The Rogue offers is a great place to be and a wonderful place to learn how to row a raft.

Our 8 days will be two back-to-back 4-day trips and we'll cover about 70 miles of the Wild and Scenic Rogue. The Rogue has a variety of Class II and III+ rapids as well as the notorious Class IV Blossom Bar. Generally, the rapids are straightforward with waves and holes although there are some that require more technical maneuvering. Strong eddies and good expanses of smooth current provide valuable time to practice ferrying and eddy-catching techniques. We will take advantage of the warm, late-season flows to practice swimming, self-rescue techniques and righting flipped rafts. While our primary purpose will be to learn and improve our rowing skills, many students enjoy the off-river aspects of the school as much as the on-river portions; come prepared for a full and fulfilling adventure.

More information:

The full details (where to meet, what to bring, etc.) are here. If there are any questions we haven't answered, send us an e-mail or give us a call (800/323-2782). We love to talk about our trips, so don't be shy.