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All Women's Trips

"It's just different"

The all-girl, all-star paddle team paddles down the Rogue RiverThat's how our female guides describe an all-women's trip.

So, if you're looking for something different, grab your girlfriends and head for the river. We can take care of you for a day or for a week, with special meals or special activities, with a team of skilled, dynamic, empowering female guides or a crew of strapping young men. We've organized bachelorette parties where nothing gets remembered and 50th birthday parties where nothing gets forgotten. Tell us what you want and we can probably make it happen.

Check out our suggestions at the right and call us when you are ready to do something different.

Bring 10 people and we'll treat the organizer to a free trip!

"All the guides made us realize the importance of grabbing the brass ring and traveling whenever, wherever and as soon as possible in life."
Mindy Scherr, Tuolumne