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Thad Stavn

Thad Stavn, guide for ARTA River TripsThad is from Minot, North Dakota; ask him something about the weather and he’ll tell you about frozen lakes, 80 mph winds and 50 below zero. He is a lifelong outdoorsman; ask him something about his favorite place and he’ll go on and on about peaks and valleys, rivers and canyons, creeks and chasms. He is an expert climber; ask him about mountains and he’ll mesmerize you with tales of the Tetons and briefs from the Beartooths. He loves to ski; ask him about snow and he’ll enthrall you with stories of Alaska and airplanes and avalanches. He is an obsessive angler; ask him something about fish and he’ll toss you a beer and lie to you for hours about hatches and patterns, spring creeks and secret waters, 24-inch cut-bows and two-pound browns. He is blond-haired, blue-eyed and 100 percent Scandinavian; ask him something about himself and he’ll stare at his shoes.