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Skyler Murphy

Skyler Murphy, whitewater guide for ARTA River TripsSome people are born with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye. Others get it from surfing. Or from snowboarding. Or from playing music, or backpacking or climbing trees or wearing silly clothes or falling out of a second story window when they are two. We’re not sure which it is with Skyler. He grew up in Santa Cruz and started surfing as a Junior Lifeguard in elementary school, learned to snowboard at Lake Tahoe when he was eight, started playing the guitar in high school (he’s now in a band called Coach Dan and the Giant Vegetables) and has spent many a summer tramping around the Sierra with his family. And yes, he did fall out of a second story window when he was two (but he was probably smiling). Even his degree from Cal-Poly (Construction Management major with Environmental Studies and Sustainable Design minors) puts a twinkle in his eye, (and makes us all smile). But then again, maybe he was born like that (maybe we all are) and he just chose to stay that way, (maybe we all should).

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