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Season Yeager

Season Yeager, whitewater guide for ARTA river tripsWhen they meet her, no one can remember her name, ("I'm sorry, was it Summer? April? Spice?") When they say goodbye, no one can forget her smile. In between it's pretty much giggles and good times. She can be one of the guys, (she grew up in a log cabin outside Durango with two brothers and a buckin' barrel in the backyard) or she can be one of the girls, (she likes to bake cookies then curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a box of Kleenex and watch chick flicks.) She can be tough, (she lived for a year in North Pole, Alaska) and she can be sensitive (we actually had to pull off the road last summer so she could cry after she hit a "bunny" while driving the rig to put-in.) She's always warm and totally cool; everyone's favorite Season.

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