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The ARTA office, Groveland, CA

The ARTA staff enjoys the lunch room600 square feet, lots of windows, pine floors, wood-burning stove. 6 miles to the Tuolumne River, 16 miles to Yosemite National Park, forest all around. Not a bad place to spend the day. There are three of us here most of the time, a few more in the summer, a few less on sunny days in the fall and winter. Robin handles the money, Isaac deals with guides and equipment, Steve does a little bit of everything. We all answer the phone and we all get excited when you call. Collectively, we’ve been on every trip we run, at every water level, at every time of year and we never get tired of talking about them. Ask us anything and we’ll give you as honest an answer as we can, (because there’s always a chance we’ll be on your trip with you). And if you are on your way to Yosemite or early for your Tuolumne trip, poke your head inside and say hi.

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