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Kaitlyn Parsons

Kaitlyn Parsons, whitewater guide for ARTA River TripsKaitlyn’s dad and uncle both worked for us during the 70’s and, like all things second generation, (see iPod, PlayStation, biofuels) Parsons 2.0 comes with many enhanced features. Her dad (Steve) was known for his meticulous attention to safety; Kaitlyn comes standard with EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), WFR (Wilderness First Responder), and SRT (Swiftwater Rescue Technician); plus she has a BS in Environmental Toxicology from UC Davis (in case something really goes wrong). Her uncle (Moss) played the guitar; the improved version has newer songs and a softer voice but no tie-dye or bell-bottoms. Preserved from the original are a sincere passion for wild places and a down-to-earth enthusiasm for sharing them with others; some things just don’t need to be upgraded.

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