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Elana Silverman

Elana Silverman, guide for ARTA River Trips2009 probably wasn’t the best year to be an unemployed Dance Major from Smith College, even if you did have a minor in Spanish. (And did we mention she sang for four years in the Smith College Choir?) But Elana’s not worried; she also has a degree in river guiding, so she’s resourceful, low-maintenance and used to eating leftovers. Plus, she’s very personable, (making her a natural for her winter job peddling organic tofu at Farmer’s Markets), creative (she has bartered unsold tofu for coffee, flowers, yarn and other essentials), a vegetarian (she eats out of her backyard) and patient (she’s just waiting for the stimulus package that will boost the meat-free Spanish dance industry).

[2013 Update: Elana's patience paid off. Like many, she took advantage of the less-than-friendly job market and invested in the future by going back to school (Stanford!) and earning a Master's Degree in Education. She is now teaching bi-lingual Kindergarten in Oakland and shopping for organic tofu at the Farmer's Market.]

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